Removing Birds and Proofing Norfolk Properties to Prevent Their Return

Many people do not see birds as a pest. However, they often act as vectors for spreading various diseases over long distances. This includes:




 Mycobacteriosis (Avian Tuberculosis)

 Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)



With a wealth of knowledge in all areas of pest control, the team at Pest and Predatory Control Services is on hand to deal with your bird and pigeon problems. Based in Thetford, Norfolk, we carry out bird and pigeon proofing and removal for all types of property. Trapping is one effective method, while proofing is also very popular with homeowners who simply want to keep birds away. Alongside pigeons, we also deal with magpies and carrion crows. Get in touch with our helpful team today and call an end to your bird issues.

Contact our bird removal team now, in Thetford, Norfolk, to hire the bird and pigeon proofing and removal specialists.

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