Removing Moles to Protect Gardens and Landscapes across THETFORD, DEREHAM, NORWICH & NORFOLK

Moles are widely considered to be agricultural pests, and their underground burrowing often leads to molehills that ruin landscapes and gardens. Numerous problems have been cited as caused by moles, including:

 The Contamination of Silage with Soil Particles, Making It Unpalatable to Livestock

 The Covering of Pasture with Fresh Soil, Reducing Its Size and Yield

 Damage to Agricultural Machinery by the Exposure of Stones

 Damage to Young Plants through Disturbance of the Soil

 Weed Invasion of Pasture through Exposure of Freshly Tilled Soil

 Damage to Drainage Systems and Watercourses

At Pest and Predatory Control Services, in Thetford, Norfolk, we offer effective mole removal and treatment as part of our extensive pest control services. Operating in Norfolk, Suffolk, and the surrounding areas, we assist residential, commercial, and agricultural customers with their pest problem, including expertly dealing with moles. Our solutions are always efficient, discreet, and competitively priced.

Arrange mole removal, in Thetford, Norfolk, to receive more information about our work involving rabbit control and deterrents.

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